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Masters in optometry
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Internship in Optometry in amritsar

About Internship

Optometrists provides essential vision care, including extensive eye examinations and the
treatment, diagnosis and management of most eye disease and conditions. The one year
internship program at Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute (Pvt.) ltd. will help you to prepare for the
challenges of growing primary eye care as the practice of optometry is changing over the coming

The internship program equip students with the skills to diagnose vision related problems and technology to treat it . Optometry includes physiology of the eye and the optics of lenses. Optometry course includes the diagnosis and treatment of  ocular disease, dispensing contact lenses and spectacles, the management of people including (children, visually impaired).


Course Structure

The internship program shall combine the theoretical discipline of vision science with the clinical art of the eye. Optometry includes the optics of lenses, and the physiology of the eye. Optometry includes the diagnosis and management of ocular disease, the dispensing of spectacles and contact lenses, the management of people with special needs (children, low vision), and vision in the workplace.

                       The one-year program is divided into four modules (each of 3-months duration). Progression through the modules of the internship program is subject to academic performance. The interns will be assessed at the end of each module and are expected to maintain a credit average (50%) in the program. Interns who achieve this cut-off score shall be eligible for a transfer to the next module.

Course Curriculum

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